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Mushroom Swiss Burger Joins Checkers & Rally’s $5 Meal Deal For A Limited Time

Now, you can choose between a fully seasoned Checkerburger/Rallyburger or a Mushroom Swiss burger, plus eight bites of white meat chicken, a small order of Famous Seasoned Fries and a 16-ounce drink, all for $5.

The Mushroom Swiss burger is 100% hand-cured beef topped with Swiss cheese and mushroom sauce on a sesame seed bun. It is also available as part of a small, medium or large combo meal that includes fries and a beverage at an additional cost.

Also, as part of what they call Mushroom Mania, Checkers and Rally’s are promoting their new Fried Mushroom Buford and introducing a new side dish-fried mushrooms-as the ultimate “mushroom in your mouth” experience.

checkers & rally's meal deal
Checker’s & Rally’s Meal Deal

The Fried Mushroom Buford consists of two large patties of 100% hand-cured beef, topped with Swiss cheese, fried mushrooms, mushroom sauce and caramelized onions; all served on a toasted bun.

Note: Win A Free Sandwich by taking the Checker’s & Rally’s Customer Experience Survey at GuestObsessed.Com Portal.

Mushroom Swiss Burger With Checkers & Rally’s $5 Meal Deal

On the other hand, the new fried mushrooms are fried, battered and seasoned portabella mushrooms served with a sauce of your choice. Prices may vary, but each order of fried mushrooms costs $2.99 at my nearest location.

All offers are available at participating Checkers and Rally locations nationwide for a limited time.

For a limited time, enjoy a full menu of burgers, chicken nuggets, fries and drinks for just $5 at Checkers and Larry’s. Choose between the Checker Burger or the Mushroom Swiss Burger. Served with

  • Small fries.
  • Eight pieces of a chicken nugget.
  • 16-ounce beverage.

Checkers & Rally Giveaway – $5 OFF

Sign up for the Checkers & Rally rewards app and receive 250 points (half the $5 bonus)! For more information, visit the Checkers website.

In addition, the app offers exclusive deals that change regularly. Here’s a current list as of January 2023:

Buy 1 Big Buford or Bacon Giraffe and get one free.

Chicken Bites box and one free fries with the purchase of 1.

Free Mozzarella Stix with a purchase of $4.

  • 1/2 off five chicken wings
  • 1 $ soft drink (any size)
  • 1.49 $ French fries (large)

Checkers Chicken Sandwich

Checkers and Larry’s have launched the Mother Cruncher Chicken Sandwich with extra crunch!

The sandwich comprises a chicken breast covered in “mega crunch” breadcrumbs.

It’s topped with breading, pickles, lettuce and tomato slices, served on a toasted bun and doused with Checkers & Larry’s secret squawk sauce. Mother Crunchers typically cost $3.99, but prices can vary by location.

Mushroom lovers should try the new Fried Mushroom Buford from Checkers & Rally. These are two giant burger patties made with 100 per cent hand-cured beef, topped with Swiss cheese, crispy baked portobello mushrooms, spicy mushroom sauce and caramelized onions on a toasted bun.

And if that’s not enough, fried mushrooms can also be added to complete and enjoy the ultimate “mushroom in your mouth” experience.

Checkers & Rally also celebrates the season with a new $5 meal. Choose from a fully loaded Checkerburger (or Rallyburger) with fresh toppings or, for a limited time, a Mushroom Swiss burger, plus eight bites of white-meat chicken, a small order of the famous seasoned fries long recognized as America’s most palatable fries* and a 16-ounce drink.

The Mushroom Swiss burger is part of the $5 limited-time offer and includes Checkers & Rally’s 100% hand-cured beef burger, topped with melted Swiss cheese and spicy mushroom sauce on a sesame seed bun.

It can also be ordered as part of a small, medium or large combo meal (with fries and a drink).

For more information, opening hours, or a Checkers or Rally location, visit

About Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. is an iconic and innovative drive-thru restaurant chain known for its bold, mouthwatering food, famous fries, exceptional value and people-oriented attitude that operates and leases Checkers® and Rally’s® restaurants.

With 850 restaurants and room to grow, Checkers & Rally is a proven brand with flexible formats aggressively expanding nationwide.

Checkers & Rallies is committed to being a place where franchisees and hardworking employees can create opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

In recent years, the brand has earned several of the industry’s most prestigious awards, including: “#1 Most Craveable Fries” by Restaurant Business 2020 and 2018; Best Franchise Deal and “Best Drive-Thru in America” by QSR Magazine;

Top Food and Beverage Franchise by Franchise Business Review; the “Hot! Again” by Nation’s Restaurant News has consistently ranked on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list.

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