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Checkers & Rally Signs Deals For 40 New Restaurants In Three US States

Checkers & Rally Signs Deals For 40 New Restaurants In Three US States

Many franchises like to talk about “growth,” but few can produce concrete numbers to support that claim; Checkers & Rally is one of them.

For 30 years, this iconic brand’s proven track record of success has helped propel it to national dominance. 2015 was no different: Checkers & Rally opened 37 new restaurants.

Today, the brand boasts more than 800 restaurants across the country, and while many companies might take a moment to enjoy their successes, Checkers & Rally is just getting started.

Checkers & Rally's Signs Deals For New Restaurants
Checker’s New Restaurant

In the first eight months of 2016, the brand signed agreements with 45 new franchisees, up from 42 in 2015. The new franchisees received approval for 200 new sites, adding to the 139 already approved in the restaurant pipeline.

This pipeline represents a 40 per cent growth in Checkers & Rally’s franchise system. In addition, Checkers & Rally’s is celebrating its fifth consecutive year of systemwide same-store sales growth, which has consistently outpaced the average for the quick-service burger restaurant category.

Checkers & Rallys To Bring 40 Restaurants To 3 States In the USA

“With hundreds of locations available in new and critical U.S. markets, our brand has countless opportunities to grow.

Checkers & Rally is poised for significant expansion, but our number one goal remains restaurant and franchisee profitability,” said Jennifer Durham, Checkers & Rally’s chief development officer.

“The time is right to make our brand bigger and better in the future. Our ‘Fast Foodie’ guests love our mouthwatering, bold flavours, and we intend to develop more convenient locations than ever before.”
In early 2016, Checkers & Rally promoted Adam Noyes to Chief Administrative Officer with an increased focus on systems innovation and technology.

The brand also created a new role, Vice President of Franchise Operations, and promoted Marc Mediate, a longtime leader, to this position.

“We realized that to continue to drive growth for our two great brands, we needed to make sure we had the right resources to help us focus on profitability while developing the innovations that will fuel sales and profit growth in the future,” said Rick Silva, Checkers & Rally’s president and CEO.

“These are exciting times, and we look forward to working with this expanded leadership team to deliver exciting innovations and increased profitability to the system in the years ahead.”

In addition to the corporate support team, updating the brand image and renovating locations to maximize franchisee profitability were also sources of success in 2016.

A recent example is the renovation of a Rally’s site in Adrian, Michigan, by longtime franchisees Phil and Sharon Servoss. The store opened in 2002 and was renovated in late 2015 with new signage, exterior tiles, and outdoor seating. Since the renovation, the store has seen a 20 per cent increase in sales.

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Another source of growth for Checkers & Rally is innovation in products and promotions. 2016 the brand launched the “Fast Foodies Know the Deal” advertising campaign.

The campaign targets discerning, passionate, and outspoken customers who love fast food and especially the big, bold flavours of Checkers & Rallies. In February, when Burger King announced the launch of its $1.99 hot dog, Checkers & Rally decided to dismantle Burger King’s overpriced and belated idea.

After officially declaring the “frankfurter war,” Checkers & Rally has thrown down the gauntlet by offering its hot dogs for only $0.79 to remind the world that the brand has been preparing hand-grilled hot dogs made with 100 per cent beef for more than 30 years.

As the leader in the Frankfurter war, Checkers & Rally’s kicked off the battle with a full-page advertisement in USA Today and reported a 200 per cent increase in hot dog sales over the previous week.

In 2016, the company also added Kool-Aid® milkshakes and slushies to the menu, both created to meet Millennials’ evolving tastes and fit within the brand’s “portable, ready-to-eat” snack offerings.

The shakes are available in orange cream, mango and strawberry flavours, while the Kool-Aid slushies are blended with ice, Sprite and Kool-Aid’s classic flavours, Tropical Punch and Blue Raspberry.

And, as always, Checkers & Rally’s outlets will offer these indulgent products at an incredible price. Recently, the system launched a new limited-time offer of four products for $3, which compares favourably to Wendy’s $4 promotion and offers guests who “know the deal” an even better value.

This dedication to creative and bold taste at an incredible price has long set Checkers & Rallies above the competition of quick-service restaurants.

As Checkers & Rally continues to build on its current momentum for the remainder of 2016, the goal is to spur even more growth by adding more franchisees to its ever-expanding family.

Having been named one of the 10 Best Franchise Businesses by QSR magazine and one of the Best Food and Beverage Franchises by Franchise Business Review, the brand’s philosophy of owning and operating restaurants and its franchisees makes Checkers & Rally’s a desirable and rewarding choice for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

And with more than 3,500 locations available in new and existing markets across the United States, forward-thinking entrepreneurs still have plenty of opportunities to discover what current franchisees already know.

The magnetic culture and exciting growth potential of Checkers & Rally have given the brand an edge in outpacing the competition.

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